Open BIM for FM saves millions

A new report documents that you can save 2-3 USD per square meter per year by use of open BIM in facility management. For a building with 20 000 square meters over 30 years, we are talking millions of dollars. And this report is just scratching the surface. Read more about this on buildingSMART Norway’s web page.

Catenda and ICEconsult, maker of MainManager have agreed to a collaboration to make sure open BIM is useful in facility management.

MainManager is using Catenda’s bimsync’s open API to deliver seamless BIM technology to their customers. Users access MainManager’s well known user interface, while ICEconsult can take advantage of the strong open BIM technology Catenda offers.

Please get in touch with Catenda to learn more about the opportunities of open BIM and FM for your company.

/25 May 2015/

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