Ibis will supply and integrate bimsync for the Dutch market

Oslo, 17 December 2014 – Catenda has signed an exclusivity agreement with the Dutch company Ibis for supplying bimsync to the Dutch market. bimsync is a web application as well as an open API, for visualizing, analysing, sharing and managing IFC-based Building Information Models (BIM). As part of the collaboration, Ibis will also integrate Ibis’ own calculation software with bimsync. This integration functionality will be presented at the Dutch construction gathering “Bouwbeurs 2015.”

Calculating with BIM

Catenda has started cooperating with Ibis in order to respond to future demand of customers to be able to calculate based on 3D building models. Bimsync allows you to integrate several models, to visualize and review them, as well as to discover any possible clashes. Furthermore, these models can be enriched with additional information. “A major advantage of bimsync is the fact that this software can be used with a web browser everywhere and at any time”, says Jeroen van den Burg, Product Development manager at Ibis. “It’s based on the open IFC standard, which is also increasingly applied in the Dutch market. By integrating bimsync with IBIS-TRAD, we can provide customers with better solutions.”

About Ibis

Since mid 2013, Ibis is the new name for Brink Automatisering and KPD Automatisering – two companies that for the past 40 years have been supplying software and services for the construction sector and civil engineering. Its product range consists of all the required software and supportive services for estimating, budgeting, specifying, calculating, inspecting, planning, long-term maintenance, project management and real estate management. Part of this can also be used on mobile devices and via the cloud.  More information can be found on www.ibis.nl.

About Catenda

Catenda is the leading supplier of cloud based open BIM platforms. As a member of buildingSMART, and and the only company involved in all buildingSMART standard developments, we possess unique knowledge in our field. Our vision is knowledge in optimal collaboration. We originated from SINTEF, the biggest research organization in norway. Catenda is focusing on easy distribution and managing of digital models, connecting all relevant information to the BIMs as well as visualisation, collaboration, and issue management. We also provide market leading integration of open BIM technology to any other software solutions.

With IBIS, Catenda is able to bring our open BIM platform, bimsync, to the Dutch market, with a very competent partner. Together with the complete suite of solutions from IBIS, users can greatly benefit from the advantages of open BIM and user friendly tools.

Håvard Bell, CEO of Catenda

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