DuraArk – long term BIM storage

The EU commission has financed a 3-year research project called DuraArk. Catenda is the Norwegian partner.

DuraArk — short for Durable Architecture — is about long term storage of architectural information. Architectual information can be a 3D point cloud of a building or a BIM (Building Information Model) of the building. In addition to the geometry we want to store other relevant information about the building using semantic technology (buildingSmart Data Dictionary; bsDD/IFD and semantic web). The target group is both those interested in preservation of building information and the construction industry. It is easier to plan a high quality restoration or repurposing of a building with this information available.The consortium consists of a very interesting mix of organizations and competencies. There are people there with deep knowledge of 3D analysis, of long term archival, of semantic technologies, of Building Information Modeling, and of the current practice patterns of practitioners in the industry.

Catendas main role in the project is related to System specification and integration, Semantic metadata management and enrichment, and Data acquisition, evaluation and testing.

Read more about DuraArk here

/23 March 2012/

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