Catenda is hiring: seven vacancies out now

Catenda is growing, and we are looking for new smart minds to join our dedicated team.  We are currently looking for developers: A Mobile App Software Engineer, a 3D Software Engineer, a Back End Software Engineer and a Front End Software Engineer. We are also strengthening our sales team, and are looking for a Sales Development Associate, a Key... Continue Reading →

Two new bimsync® applications

Simon Moreau is BIM-manager at the French real estate development company Bouygues Immobilier, and an avid bimsync® user.  Simon has used the bimsync® API to build two very useful web applications.  The first one is a Revit plugin. It enables an architect (or anyone else) who use Revit to download a free plugin from Revit Store,... Continue Reading →

Catenda hosted the BCF Hackaton in Bergen

Earlier this year yet another successful BCF hackaton took place. This time it was hosted by Catenda at the Vil vite center in Bergen, Norway. The main focus for the meeting was to resolve the remaining issues for the upcoming BCF API 2.0 specification as well as the corresponding BCF API. Quite a few test-cases... Continue Reading →

The importance of the shareable URL

URLs are a key concept for the world-wide web. Still many modern web-apps seems to have forgotten the idea behind a sharable URL. Too often web-apps uses URLs that are unique to the logged in user like http://webapp/project/2/ . When you try to share that URL with someone else they are likely to end up in a completely different project than... Continue Reading →

What on earth is bSDD?

 In 2010 I wrote the first version of this post in an attempt to explain what bSDD (at that time it was called IFD) was and why we need it. Now 4 years later many things have changed but the reason for bSDD remains and most of the points made then are still valid. Still... Continue Reading →

Using bSDD with iFC 2×3 and IFC 4

If you want to have your terms standardized when using openBIM then using bSDD is the recommended way to do it. But how do you actually go ahead and implement support for bSDD in your software? I then assume you already know the API and how to get information from bSDD itself. This documents covers how... Continue Reading →

Open BIM for FM saves millions

A new report documents that you can save 2-3 USD per square meter per year by use of open BIM in facility management. For a building with 20 000 square meters over 30 years, we are talking millions of dollars. And this report is just scratching the surface. Read more about this on buildingSMART Norway’s... Continue Reading →

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