Two new bimsync® applications

Simon Moreau is BIM-manager at the French real estate development company Bouygues Immobilier, and an avid bimsync® user.  Simon has used the bimsync® API to build two very useful web applications.  The first one is a Revit plugin. It enables an architect (or anyone else) who use Revit to download a free plugin from Revit Store,... Continue Reading →

Archiving and deleting issues

After using bimsync for a while you might end up with a whole range of issue boards in your project. You might have imported multiple BCF files to various issue-boards and these are no longer relevant as active issues for the project or you might have closed all issues on a few boards and just want... Continue Reading →

The importance of the shareable URL

URLs are a key concept for the world-wide web. Still many modern web-apps seems to have forgotten the idea behind a sharable URL. Too often web-apps uses URLs that are unique to the logged in user like http://webapp/project/2/ . When you try to share that URL with someone else they are likely to end up in a completely different project than... Continue Reading →

Using bSDD with iFC 2×3 and IFC 4

If you want to have your terms standardized when using openBIM then using bSDD is the recommended way to do it. But how do you actually go ahead and implement support for bSDD in your software? I then assume you already know the API and how to get information from bSDD itself. This documents covers how... Continue Reading →

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