Aiming to digitalize the construction industry

Major property developer OBOS and Norway´s biggest construction company Veidekke invest in the Norwegian software innovation company Catenda. Together the trio will set the standard for the use of open BIM with a goal of a more efficient and sustainable construction industry. Catenda has developed the collaboration platform bimsync. The platform ensures a digital representation of... Continue Reading →

Preparing for UK Ultimate BIM Summit

Catenda has worked closely with the open BIM community in the UK for many years. On 31 January the Ultimate BIM Summit will take place in Watford. Catenda´s CEO Håvard Bell will then talk about tearing down walls to achieve digitization results fitting for a future that is already here. The Ultimate BIM Summit is... Continue Reading →

Happy holidays from all of us to all of you

Thank you to customers and open BIM friends around the world for all collaboration, inspiration, progress and hard work this past year. We are looking forward to an exciting 2018. Take a few minutes this Christmas to explore the Viking Museum model vamped with seasonal features: Enter to explore. bimsync® was chosen to make the jury selection app for the... Continue Reading →

Catenda hosted the BCF Hackaton in Bergen

Earlier this year yet another successful BCF hackaton took place. This time it was hosted by Catenda at the Vil vite center in Bergen, Norway. The main focus for the meeting was to resolve the remaining issues for the upcoming BCF API 2.0 specification as well as the corresponding BCF API. Quite a few test-cases... Continue Reading →

EU says DuraArk was an “Excellent” project

Catenda is proud to have been part of the Duraark project,  an exiting and highly relevant project that gave us much insight and knowledge about the problems and solutions related to long term storage of BIM and Point Cloud data.  Problems and solutions that are directly relevant for the development of the bimsync platform. The Duraark project started... Continue Reading →

Archiving and deleting issues

After using bimsync for a while you might end up with a whole range of issue boards in your project. You might have imported multiple BCF files to various issue-boards and these are no longer relevant as active issues for the project or you might have closed all issues on a few boards and just want... Continue Reading →

The importance of the shareable URL

URLs are a key concept for the world-wide web. Still many modern web-apps seems to have forgotten the idea behind a sharable URL. Too often web-apps uses URLs that are unique to the logged in user like http://webapp/project/2/ . When you try to share that URL with someone else they are likely to end up in a completely different project than... Continue Reading →

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